Helping cities to turn green with air quality knowledge from satellites

AirQast offers a portfolio of air quality products derived from satellite data. Originating from a European H2020 project, AirQast includes some of the most renowned European actors in air pollution research.

Lobelia operates the AirQast platform and provides air quality services at urban scales.



Monthly regional emission inventories from satellites at 1-km resolution.



Hourly air quality forecasts for 3 days in advance.



Observation-based mapping of air pollution at street level. Some examples:


Decision-making tools

Scenario simulations to evaluate the impact of air quality measures in cities/regions and plan accordingly.



China / India / Europe / other regions upon demand.



Air pollution is a serious problem traced to 3 million deaths worldwide every year. It also causes yearly costs in the order of billions of euros, considering lost productivity and health expenses. Finally, pollution impacts negatively on aspects such as transport (e.g. lack of visibility in airports), city maintenance (e.g. infrastructure cleaning) and agriculture (e.g. pollutant depositions).

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Air quality platform
Air quality platform