Supporting UN Habitat – CRPT for climate analysis in cities

Urban areas are strongly exposed to the effects of climate change. Local authorities monitor these effects very closely, so that they can adapt in a timely manner and reduce their impact on citizens’ lives: health care, transport, water management, energy supply, etc.

UN Habitat’s City Resilience Profiling Programme (CRPT) provides national and local governments with tools for measuring and increasing resilience to multi-hazard impacts, including those associated with climate change.

Lobelia’s climate engine is integrated in the CRPT, helping analyse climate trends and link to other types of data as required to allow the definition of a suitable action plan. Lobelia’s toolbox can be used by cities worldwide, with current users including Asunción, Yakutsk, Maputo, Dakar and Port Vila.

Lobelia uses downscaling and bias correction techniques to generate high-resolution, locally-adapted data describing the future climate in the target cities.

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Climate analysis in cities

Maximum air temperature in Yakutsk, Russia (July average) | 2041-2070 | RCP 4.5

Climate analysis in cities

Minimum air temperature in Yakutsk, Russia (February average) | 2041-2070 | RCP 4.5