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You wake up at 5 am, rush to the airport and take the first plane to some faraway place to discuss with ten yawning colleagues over the next few hours. You then fly back home, looking out the window and thinking: We could’ve done a Webex instead! It’s nice shaking hands every once in a while, but every other month? Why do 10 people need to fly around to do what they basically can do from the office? And of course: forgetting about the ongoing climate crisis and dumping tons of CO₂ to the atmosphere.

Use Lobelia Connect when you want a zero-complexity-yet-feature-rich tool to communicate with your colleagues, while feeling happy about the damage you’re not causing to the environment.

Every time you enter a Lobelia Connect room, you’ll see the estimated amount of CO₂ you and your colleagues are sparing the Earth.

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How is the amount of CO₂ calculated?

Lobelia Connect first determines the optimum location for the equivalent real-life meeting, using IP geolocation to know more or less where each participant is. It then determines the amount of CO₂ needed for all participants to get there. In some cases, no travelling will be involved. In others, and depending on the distance, the two-way carbon footprint is calculated:

By car: (one-way distance below 400 km): 120.4 g/km per person (average emissions for new cars registered in 2018 in the EU + Iceland; source: EC)

By plane: 115 or 101 g/km per person, for short-haul (Boeing 737-400) and long-haul (Boeing 747-400) flights, respectively, plus a 2x radiative factor that accounts for the fact that emissions into the high atmosphere have a higher greenhouse effect (source: Ian Campbell & Margaret Campbell, ClimateIndependent.org)


Is this free?

Yes. To tell you the truth, it doesn’t cost us a penny, so why should we charge you? Just help raise awareness of the climate emergency by spreading the word and getting more people to use Lobelia Connect.


Do you store private information?

Rest assured: we don’t. The full application is serverless, connections are established peer-to-peer and signalling messages are exchanged via PubNub, anonymously. IP geolocations are requested by your browser directly (and anonymously) to a third-party service, over a secure channel.

Oh, and by the way: no registration is required.

Lobelia Connect

Our team using Lobelia Connect

Lobelia Connect

Emma at the Global Climate Strike, September 2019: More teleconfs, less flying! © Lobelia Earth