Evaluating the economic impact of extreme storms in the next 50 years

Lobelia has developed a system to predict trends of extreme climate events at specific locations. The system is fed with observations and climate models, as well as reanalysis and satellite datasets. Data sources include leading European meteorological agencies, ECMWF, Sentinel imagery and various local data providers.

We use computational intelligence techniques to find patterns in the climate models that correlate with the temporal density of extreme events in the past, according to real observations from meteorological agencies. These results are then projected into the future according to the existing climate models.

Our studies have found that the evolution in time of the probabilities of occurrence differ substantially depending on the event (e.g. extraordinary winds, cyclones and extreme storms) and the location. Specific studies are required in every context to obtain optimum results for each extreme event category.

Lobelia collaborates with PwC on the economic assessment of potential damages derived from extreme climate events.

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Extreme event analysis for PwC

Interpolation surface for the cold storm extreme index in Catalonia (blue = observations; red = grid elements). Processed by Lobelia, 2019.

Extreme event analysis for PwC